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Frequently Asked Questions

Loans & Financing

Is my business eligible to receive a loan from GRDC?

Eligible borrowers must be US citizens and the business must be located in Grafton County, NH. Eligible borrowing purposes include: Capital purchases, permanent working capital, leasehold improvements, job training, start-up operating costs, machinery and equipment, real estate, and debt refinancing.

Eligible businesses include: Established or start-up businesses located in Grafton County, businesses unable to obtain funding from traditional sources with reasonable rates and terms and businesses needing “gap” funding in order to qualify for traditional financing.

What’s required to obtain a loan through GRDC?

GRDC requires completion of a business loan application and a personal financial statement as well documentation related to capacity to repay.

Loan applications can be viewed here. For specific requirements or questions please contact Bob Walker, GRDC Loan Officer, at 603-536-2011.

What are your interest rates?

GRDC attempts to work in collaboration with our Grafton County bank partners. Interest rates generally parallel bank rates but may be somewhat higher depending on results of our loan analysis and level of risk. Interest rates can only be determined once we receive financial documents from the business owner.

What are the fees and costs associated with obtaining a loan?

The GRDC loan application fee is $50.00 for loans under $25,000 and $250.00 for loans greater than $25,000. There is a 1% origination fee due at the time of closing. The borrower pays all legal and closing costs

Are discussions about my business' finances confidential?

Yes, we understand this is sensitive information. All financial information is kept confidential.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

GRDC provides financing between $1,000 and $575,000.

I have never applied for a business loan before. Can GRDC help me through the application process?

Yes. We can assist you with the application process. If you need to complete a business plan for a loan application, we can connect you with a NHSBDC counselor to provide no-cost assistance developing a business plan

Will GRDC recommend a bank that will finance my business?

GRDC works closely with banks throughout Grafton County, New Hampshire and will provide businesses with contact information for all lenders that may provide financing. We do not recommend specific banks or loan officers.

How long is the loan process?

The time it takes to process a loan will depend on your business’s financial needs, the sources of the funding and completion of a loan application. Typically, once we receive a completed loan application with supporting documentation funding should be available in 30-60 days, if approved for funding.

Does GRDC provide grants to businesses?

GRDC does not provide grants to businesses but can provide loans to businesses that may not be eligible for financing through traditional borrowing sources.

Does GRDC offer loans to very small, owner operated businesses?

Yes. GRDC has a microloan program designed to assist micro- enterprises in Grafton County. Microloans range from $1,000 to $25,000 and can be used for a variety of purposes, including equipment purchases and working capital. For more information click here.

Workshops and Seminars

Is there any cost to attend ECP’s Business Seminar Series?

No. All ECP Business Seminar events are FREE to attend thanks to the generous support of the NH Community Development Finance Authority and the US Dept of Housing & Urban Development. On occasions, we promote workshops and seminars that might be helpful to our small business community which may have a cost to attend.

What is the ECP Business Seminar Series?

Seminar topics are designed to assist micro- and small businesses throughout Grafton and Belknap Counties but are open to businesses of all sizes operating from anywhere within the state.

Where should I park when attending a workshop at the Enterprise Center at Plymouth?

Please park in the metered parking on Main Street or in the metered parking lot on Green Street.

Like many New England college towns, parking in downtown Plymouth has its challenges. Here are more details on your parking options:

30 Minute Visitor Parking: There is 30-minute parking available directly across the street from the Enterprise Center on Main Street.

Main Street Visitor Parking: The Town of Plymouth has two hour metered parking along Main Street.

Longer Term Visitor Parking: There is longer term visitor parking close by on Green Street for up to 10 hours. The per hour cost is paid for via a kiosk that takes coins and credit cards (no cash).

Will there be food served at these workshops?

No. Refreshments will not be provided.

What if I have a business issue and there isn’t a workshop that addresses my issue?

If you have a business issue or concern, you can always call GRDC and you will be connected with someone that can assist you with your business issue.

How can I receive information on upcoming trainings and workshops?

The easiest way is to join our email list by CLICKING HERE and following us on social media. You will receive notifications of upcoming trainings/workshops and opportunities for additional resources that could benefit your business.

Does GRDC offer any other resources for small businesses?


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