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Grafton County Incubators

Supporting emerging entrepreneurs with valuable resources

Grafton County is home to two business incubator and accelerators, Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC) in Lebanon, NH and the Enterprise Center at Plymouth (ECP), that together support more than 40 startups and growing small businesses.

Business incubator and accelerator programs offer a local platform of resources for businesses to explore the feasibility of a new business concept, follow a dream of owning a company or expand and accelerate the growth of an existing business.

Dartmouth Regional Technology Center

The DRTC is located within Centerra Business Park at 16 Cavendish Court, Lebanon, NH. For more information, contact DRTC Chair, Trip Davis by email or by phone at (603) 764-6044.DRTC building

  • 60,000 s/f business incubator
  • Opened in 2006
  • Home to 20+ startups and growing businesses
  • Incubator services provided by Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network
  • Services include, leased space, shared equipment, access to mentoring and financial resources

Enterprise Center at Plymouth

The Enterprise Center is located at One Bridge Street, Plymouth, NH. For more information, contact Anne Duncan Cooley by email or by phone at (603) 536-2011.

  • 10,000 s/f business incubatorECO outside
  • Opened in 2013
  • Home to 16+ startups and growing businesses
  • Incubator services provided by GRDC in partnership with Plymouth State University
  • Services include, leased space, access to conference rooms and shared equipment, one-on-one mentoring and networking services


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    FreshAir Sensors - Incubators

    DRTC-based FreshAir Sensor and its co-owners Dartmouth Professor, Joseph BelBruno, and Tuck MBA graduate, Jack O’Toole, are creating a cleaner world with an innovative sensor technology that detects airborne concentrations of nicotine and marijuana smoke to deter smoking in prohibited areas.

    To partially fund start-up costs and initial inventory, GRDC provided the business a loan of $140,000 through a CDBG grant. Now beginning its third year at the DRTC, FreshAir Sensor employs a team of twelve employees, working on the development and commercialization of its sensory technology to be used in devices designed for hotels, multi-family housing, dormitories and a variety of other applications.

    Grafton County business feature

    FreshAir Sensor

    “DRTC is a great place to grow a business because it is an exceptional facility and the staff works hard to make sure that the businesses have what they need to be successful. We have needed to expand four times and DRTC has always found a way to work things out for us.”

    - Jack O’Toole, Founder and President FreshAir Sensor