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HR Series: From Solopreneur to Hiring Your First Employee

Congratulations! Your small business is thriving! You’ve got clients, customers, products, and jobs, but not enough hours in the day. It’s time to bring on some help.

Hiring your first employee is a significant milestone in a small business: and we’re here to help you understand the steps, what to expect, and how to help your team grow!

In this four-part series, our experts will help walk you through the process from being your own boss to other people’s boss.


It Starts with a Job Description

You’ve probably heard there’s a global workforce shortage, so how do you write a job post that gets noticed? Where do you post it? Start the right way with a strong description that not only gets noticed but noticed by the right candidate!

Join us at noon on March 29




Onboarding and the Employee Handbook

It’s often one of the first documents a new employee sees: a multi-page brochure on the business, the expectations, the perks. It’s referred back to endlessly during an employee’s tenure, so you don’t want to just slap it together.

Join us at noon on April 5




Sweetening the Deal: Employee Benefits

There’s more to accepting a job than the salary; a lot of decisions rest on the benefits an employer can offer. PTO, reimbursement for gym memberships, tuition assistance, and of course, health insurance, there’s no shortage of benefits out there. In this workshop, our experts will compare the different options to help us make sense of it all.

Join us at noon on April 12



It Takes a Village: Professional Development and Mentoring

You’ve found and hired the perfect employee (or near-perfect)! It took some time and money- but you’re on your way. Now all you need to do is keep your employee. Investing in your employee through professional development and mentoring shows them that they’re valued. 

Join us at noon on April 19




This series is funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration and NCIC with support from CDFI. Presented in partnership with Coös Economic Development Corporation, River Valley Community College, Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce, and White Mountains Community College. 


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