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Small Business Spotlight: Satya Yoga

From the lakes to the mountains, from Lebanon to Littleton, Grafton County is a diverse and thriving community. In this new segment, the team at GRDC spends some time with our region’s small businesses; what made them go into business? How are they supporting their neighbors, and in turn, how is the community supporting them? What advice do they have for startups?

Join us every month as we talk to a different small business in Grafton County.




Satya Yoga

Plymouth, NH

Melissa Scagliarini, owner



GRDC: Hi Melissa, we’re excited to have you join us for this new series! To start, why don’t you give us a little history on Satya Yoga.

Melissa: Well, I started Satya over 10 years ago. I loved sharing Yoga with people; it’s a beautiful, life-changing practice- the business side just kind of followed naturally.

GRDC: What does “Satya” mean?

Melissa: “Satya” is one of the five Yamas, and means “Truthfulness”. In Yoga, we learn about the Yamas and Niyamas; these are two of Yoga’s eight limbs.  I chose this name for the studio because I feel its really important to find one’s own Truth, and Yoga can be a significant part in supporting an individual while on that path.

GRDC: And what does the studio offer?

Melissa: Besides Yoga, we also offer meditation and wellness classes, workshops, Yoga Teacher Trainings, and International Yoga retreats.

GRDC: Wow! International retreats? What are some places you’ve visited?

Melissa: Yeah, they’re really great! We’ve been to France, Italy, India, and Costa Rica. We have a trip to Spain planned for June 2021.  It’s a great experience; there’s the cultural immersion coupled with Yoga. And people can make of it what they want. I have some people who really dig into the experience, extending their trip, sightseeing, and exploring. Others will bring their whole family; our accommodations are always safe, and with everything provided, it makes it really easy to travel with their kids. Then some are looking for a more relaxing, meditative experience. They can spend their days enjoying the spa and devoting themselves in the study of Yoga. I love that the trips can mean something different to everyone. They help foster really meaningful relationships even after we come back.

GRDC: Sign me up! How about the teacher trainings?

Melissa: Our trainings are conducted through our platform, Vidya Yoga Teacher Training; a collaboration with White Swan Yoga Studio out of Manchester. This training covers yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, etc. At the end of the course, the students have everything they need to become instructors, but it’s also great if you just want to deepen your study.

GRDC: I love the holistic approach you have; this isn’t just about attending one yoga class every once in a while. What’s the role community plays with Satya?

Melissa: Well, we’re a true community studio- we’re open to all walks of life and support everyone who walks through our doors, whether they’re just beginning or have been practicing for years. We love to connect with our neighbors, provide an outlet through Yoga classes for all levels, meditation, and spiritual development.

GRDC: And I’m sure, especially now- in the middle of a pandemic, people need any release they can find. How has Covid-19 impacted the studio?

Melissa: Significantly. But we’ve been able to adjust- through live streaming, Zoom, and moving classes outside, we’ve been able to stay open. We also just recently added limited sessions inside.

 GRDC: Sounds like you’ve found some really innovative ways to adapt! So what happens next? What’s in store for Satya?

Melissa: First, we need to get through this crisis and then eventually move into a larger space, allowing us to grow and offer more classes and options for our guests.

GRDC: And do you have any advice for someone just starting out, what would you tell them?

Melissa: Get support at the very beginning; don’t try to do it all yourself. Starting your own business is rewarding, but also stressful. Know your strengths and when you should ask for help.

GRDC: Great point Melissa, that is so key for anyone just starting, regardless of the business, know who to go for when you need help with a business plan, or marketing, understanding financials.

GRDC: Well, Melissa, we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and giving us a little more insight into Satya Yoga.

Melissa: Of course! I’d just like to add: If you’re interested in Yoga, just come, come to a class. Yoga affects everyone differently; for some, it’s purely physical, stretching, and movement. Other people enjoy the spirituality or opportunity to relax and destress (which we could all use right now!). Yoga is something different to everyone, and you won’t know what it is to you until you try it.

Satya Yoga offers classes seven days a week. To review the class schedule, times and location, visit https://www.satyayogastudio.com or call 603-677-2934.

For more information about the Vidya Training, visit https://www.satyayogastudio.com/training/


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